Real time position tracking for people and objects in Hospitals

Seguimiento de personas y cosas indoor en tiempo real

Yes, we know it, there has been a long time since we write a post, but believe us we had our motives. We are back stronger than ever to explain, between other things, the motive of our silent months: we have introduced a new indoor position tracking service for people and things on real time.

As you may know, and if you had been following our blog, Be Retail was born to offer services to the retail world business. Our eagerness focus on brands realizing that, nowadays, been successful on the point of sale consists in offering a unique purchase experience that let the costumers literally “hallucinated”.

Even though, we are currently working on a wide variety of projects, we want to dedicate this post to talk about the birth of our new service.

Specifically, today we want to present one of these services the Bluetooth beacon tracker, technology applied to the use on hospitals. Since it’s something customers are demanding a lot.

Before we get down to work, imagine that you are the IT Director of a hospital, ¿Have you ever asked any of this questions?

– Need to know the location of your movable material (wheel chairs, gurneys, etc.) on real time?
– Need to know the location of the professionals working at your hospital on real time?
– Want to optimize the registration process?
– Your patients get lost inside the hospital?
– Want to keep relatives informed about their loved ones?
– Want to communicate relatives the evolution of the patient in the ER?
– Want to know the satisfaction level of patients and relatives on real time?

If the answer to any of these questions is affirmative, keep reading.

Bluetooth beacon tracker. Indoors tracking of people and things on real time

seguimiento de personas y cosas en hospitales

The Bluetooth Beacon tracker is a real time locating system (RTLS) designed for indoor location and following Bluetooth low energy signals (BLE).

¿What do we get out of this?

If we set an iBeacon to all of those things we want to control inside the hospital, like chairs, wheelchairs, gurneys, movable material, serum carriers, electrocardiogram machines, etc. and place Nodes inside the hospital, it will be possible to locate all these objects on real time trough the Be Retail tool, as show in the previous image.

On the other hand, if a health professional carries an iBeacon it is possible to know his/her position at all times and in real time.

¿What will that allow?
I am sure you can imagine a lot of benefits to know the location of things and people inside the hospital in real time. We only are going to enumerate 3:

  1. Patient discharge: this process can not be delayed because a wheelchair, or stretcher is missing, or because the stretcher is not located.
  2. Patient admission: If we need the material from the previous point for hospital admission, it would be wonderful not to make the patient wait for a wheelchair, right?
  3. Optimize health professional attention:t is very important to always know where the mobile material necessary for patient care, mobile electrocardiograms for example, is.

Do you think more uses? Please, do not hesitate to write a comment explaining your ideas. We will proud to include them in our post.

At this point, I encourage you to contact us for more information.

Anna Herrera
New Technologies consultor

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